Ali & Steve

Sep 16, 2013
Ali & Steve

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from the photographer: Emilie Hendryx

Alison and Stephen are so dear to my heart. I’ve known them for several years now, and when I heard of their engagement I was so excited for them. Then they contacted me about engagement photos and I leapt at the chance! For a location, they suggested Mentryville in Santa Clarita, Ca and explained that it was where they had their first date (insert “awe” here!).

I just wanted to share an excerpt of the speech Stephen made when he proposed in front of a small group of family and friends the day before his birthday.

All these kind friends and family members have gathered together to celebrate. Now, there is plenty to celebrate without your adding anything to the list. It is Jordan’s birthday, my birthday’s eve, and Nate’s birthday’s eve’s eve. It is also Palm Sunday, but it should not be surprising, however, that on this Palm Sunday we have the opportunity, however slight, of celebrating God’s gift of marriage. Just like God to make our cup run over. So there is a certain question and a particular answer that could provide even more cause to celebrate…Now, granted, I did have some help from a certain father in purchasing this, but I believe that, although you aren’t perfect, you are what James refers to as a ‘good and perfect gift.’ So, if you bought me anything for my birthday, please take it back and simply agree to accept this and marry me.”

I look forward to shooting their wedding soon and to see these two united before God. Their love is sweet and you will see that in these photos!

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