Vow Renewals
Eylem & Ihami • 10 years

Aug 13, 2013
Eylem & Ihami • 10 years Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-3Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-11Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-12Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-18Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-9Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-13Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-7Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-5Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-6Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-19Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-17Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-4Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-1Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-10Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-16Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-2Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-8Santa-Monica-Vow-Renewal-Infiniti-Foto-15


From the photographer:

This beautiful family has the exotic that some people dream of. Daddy’s job has had them live in Germany Turkey, and the United States. When Eylem Found out that they were going to be moving back to Germany she made a decision that she would renew her 10 year vows on a beach in California. So the family moved to Santa Monica from months before moving back to Germany and lived the California dream. She called me to document their intimate 10 year vow renewal on the beach. I felt super honored to be one of only six people that were there. Aside from the bride and groom, there were their 5 and a half-year-old twin daughters, the bride’s mom and myself. Eylem Really wanted the ceremony to take place right at sunset so we were at a mad scramble to get everything set up just in time. Since she wasn’t familiar with the area she asked me to bring some sweets which I got from nearly suites in Brea California and I borrowed an arch from my good friend of Trisha of simplicity floral designs based out of San Diego California. With those things and a few items from Pier 1 imports we were able to design a ceremony area and a little reception area for a picnic right after. Their daughters decided to make a heart out of shells, which was such a sweet gesture. They were also the ones to perform the ceremony which I was completely impressed by. By the way, they could perform the ceremony in Turkish, German, or English, which they’re fluent in all- how awesome is that?!?!

It was so beautiful to see so much love in their eyes even after 10 years of marriage. Eylem cried during her vows, which made me cry! Her tears turned into big smiles as she put on her new ring that she had gotten for her anniversary – it was stunning! Following the ceremony we did a few quick pictures on the beach and then went over to the reception area to have some treats and champagne. I’m so thankful that I got to be part of such a beautiful romantic reminder of the importance of marriage and to be a witness to a marriage that can last.


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