Chelsea & Matt Engaged

Mar 17, 2014
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How did you two meet? Tell us your story. 

We have actually known each other since we were children (our families went to church together); and we even had a crush on one another when we were in high-school. On St. Patrick’s Day of 2009, we ran into each other and we have been together ever since.

Describe the Proposal

Matt took me to Boone for the weekend. We are both mountain people and we both rock climb (he’s definitely the more talented and serious rock climber though). So on Saturday, June 1, 2013, we rode down the Blue Ridge Parkway. We stopped at one of the scenic over-looks. He picked some flowers for me as we walked; and then when we were just staring out at God’s beautiful creation, he proposed with my great Aunt Alice’s antique opal ring (which has always been my dream wedding ring).

What was your favorite memory from your proposal? 

Not to sound cliche, but my favorite memory was the whole weekend. Everything about that weekend was picture perfect; and I came home engaged to my best friend.

What do you love most about each other? 

We love the conversations that we have with one another. That is one of the main things that attracted ourselves to one another; how easily our conversations just flow. We appreciate and respect each other’s intelligence and opinions. We inspire and appreciate one another. We have both said on multiple occasions throughout our five years together, how incredibly close we feel to one another after our deep and meaningful (sometimes challenging) conversations. We both have adventurous spirits as well; and we have been blessed to share many adventures together (through climbing trips and through life in general).

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