The Reardon Family

Dec 5, 2013
The Reardon Family

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What’s your best family memory? Our best memory… Hmm that’s tough because there are so many. I suppose as a family would be Cambria smiling at us for the first time, and Gabriel and Avery discovering mobility

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family? Crafts or baking

What is your favorite family tradition? Our favorite thing to do as a family is our family fun day (when Eric is off). We eat a special pancake breakfast, make a craft, go to one new local place, and end the night with pizza made by us or in turn a go out for pizza.

What’s the best thing about your family? How smart, creative, and loving they are.

What do you think makes a happy family? Loving unconditionally, staying involved with your kids, paying attention to all the little things cause in turn they are big. Being observant

What three words best describe your family? Love, Patience, understanding.

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