Lasting Love
Karla & John • 60 Years

Nov 7, 2013
Karla & John • 60 Years Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-38 Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-32 Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-20Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-2Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-27Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-19Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-3Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-30Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-26Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-2Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-1Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-7Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-9Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-8Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-44Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-42Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-39Sandra-Henri-Photography-60-years-on-31


We can’t get over how lovely this Lasting Love session is from Sandra Henri

We asked:

How did you two meet? Tell us your story: 

“We met in 1944 in the school holidays as children. Opa was 12 and I was 13 years old. We got along well right from the start. Due to our house being bombed we needed to find somewhere to live, and so moved to East Germany upstairs from Opa’s apartment for 6 months. After the war ended we moved back to West Germany and didn’t see each other for several years. When Opa was a bit older he asked an aunt “which girl should I marry?”. She answered straight away “the only girl for you is Karla”.

Then at 18 years old Opa managed to move to West Germany too and we met up again. One day we were cleaning up a garden shed for a gentleman we knew and when we’d finished the job we sat together on the garden bench to have a rest and have some grape juice. Opa put his arm around me and asked “would you like to become my wife?”. I answered “yes, but how will we let my mother know?” (as she was not overly happy that as the youngest in the family, I would be the first to marry!). We already got along well as children and realised more and more that we were inseparable. That’s how we got together!

What’s your secret to your long lasting marriage:

On 7.3.52 we were married, I was 21 and Opa was 20. We have been through highs and lows together, which brought us even closer. Both of us kept our own personality throughout our marriage. We accept and respect each other the way we are without trying to change each other. We appreciate each other more and more as we get older and that is like heaven on earth for us. Our faith has also helped us a lot in our marriage, and we’ve experienced His help many times. We’ve been married 60 years and hope we can be together a lot longer.

What is your favourite memory together:

That we often are thinking the same thing as each other. If we ever disagree we talk openly but we always come to an agreement together.

What do you love most about each other:

That at our age we can still live in harmony together. The older we get, the more grateful we become for this.



  1. Sandra Henri
    November 8, 2013

    Thank-you so much for the feature! I really appreciate you telling my grandparent’s story :-)

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