Nicky & Marc Engaged

May 27, 2014
Nicky & Marc Engaged

Megan & Jacob Engaged

May 23, 2014
Megan & Jacob Engaged White-Ash-Photography-Queensland-Australia-Engagement010White-Ash-Photography-Queensland-Australia-Engagement003white-ash-photography-1White-Ash-Photography-Queensland-Australia-Engagement006White-Ash-Photography-Queensland-Australia-Engagement018white-ash-photography2White-Ash-Photography-Queensland-Australia-Engagement001White-Ash-Photography-Queensland-Australia-Engagement017white-ash-photography3White-Ash-Photography-Queensland-Australia-Engagement020


There’s something so chic and timeless about an all black and white engagement session so of course we absolutely adored this engagement session from White Ash Photography when we saw it in our inbox and knew we had to share it with you. So much glamour, these two look so madly in love. We are thrilled to have the work of this talented Australian photographer on Beloved Darling today.

Andrea & Tim Engaged

Apr 30, 2014
Andrea & Tim Engaged Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography13 Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography01 Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography07 Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography09 Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography10Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography19Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography16Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography17Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography24Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography33Los-Angeles-Mildred-E-Mathias-Botanical-Garden-Engagement-Grace-Baek-Photography30


We asked: 

How did you two meet? Tell us your story?

Timothy and Andrea met at UCLA during their fourth year, right before they would’ve graduated and gone their separate ways! God in His sovereign plan brought Timothy to Titus Bible Church, where Andrea was serving as a member at the time. While her first thought was “CUTE!”, her next thought was one of apprehension. As God transformed Timothy’s heart and opened his eyes to the gospel message and as Andrea saw him accept Christ as His Lord and Savior and mature steadily, she became more and more interested in getting to know him.

Amidst the spiritual transformation that was happening, something romantic had been brewing between them as well. Andrea was pleasantly surprised when Timothy openly and frankly asked her on a date. With his 1999 white Benz newly washed, Timothy picked her up for their first date Bibigo (a Korean bibimbap restaurant) in Westwood. Although Andrea thought that she could make better bibimbap on her own, the time was spent with conversations about life, testimonies of grace, and goals. Andrea was indeed, pleasantly surprised.

Andrea’s guard had been up, but as time ticked on, it slowly melted away as Timothy continued his bold and unconcealed courtship toward her. Small conversations on Sundays turned into Facebook posts. Facebook posts turned into texts. Texts turned into phone calls. And phone calls led to the ultimate phone call. On December 12, 2010, Timothy and Andrea established their relationship and happily agreed to pursue Christ together. They were both elated, and talked on the phone all night until the sun came up!

Describle the proposal!

The proposal was simple and quite unconventional! Andrea did not have any expectations of any sort, except one thing: the ring. She knew exactly what she wanted, and just to make things clear (and easier for Timothy), Andrea took Timothy along with her to show him the ring she wanted, and Timothy was of course happy to oblige to her wishes!

After shopping for rings together and finally choosing the perfect one, all there was left for Andrea to do was wait as patiently as she could. Knowing how Andrea wanted to know all that was happening, Timothy prepped her for the day he would ask so she could dress up, get her hair and nails done, and spruce herself up for that special moment.

Timothy reserved a table at La Foret, the fanciest French restaurant around town. On the night of December 1, 2012, he prepared himself to ask the most important question of his life as he was on his way to picking Andrea up. Both of them could not stop smiling the entire dinner, for they both knew what was approaching! Timothy was also eyeing a small cove with a decorative overhang outside the restaurant, where he had planned to ask her.

As dinner ended, they decided to take a little stroll outside the restaurant where it had started sprinkling. Timothy subtly led her to the cove, got down on one knee, and popped the question! Andrea said, “YES!”, and quickly after both ran into the car to avoid getting any more wet!

What is your favorite memory from the proposal?

Their most favorite memory was the dinner. Both of them felt the anticipation of what was to come. Timothy was nervous, and Andrea couldn’t stop smiling that her cheeks hurt. The conversation was sweet as they looked back at the memories that they had created together up until that moment.

What do you love most about each other?

Timothy says, “I love Andrea’s servant-like heart to lovingly encourage others in all kinds of ways, as well as her mindset to always challenge both herself and me to live a more holy lifestyle that is pleasing to God.” Andrea says, “I love Timothy’s strength in his commitments not only to me but to his convictions, stability and sobriety in adversity and during turbulent times, unconditional love that he shows me even when he sees the darkest sides, his faithfulness, and his humility that makes him want to become a better instrument for God.”