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Lois & Kelly • 65 Years

May 12, 2014
Lois & Kelly • 65 Years TinaBoyd_Dawson_036tina-boyd-photography-1TinaBoyd_Dawson_011TinaBoyd_Dawson_022TinaBoyd_Dawson_013tina-boyd-photography-2TinaBoyd_Dawson_020TinaBoyd_Dawson_030


How did you two meet? Tell us your story.

(The wife telling the story) We were introduced by his sister, who was a nurse at a hospital and had been attending to me after a cheerleading accident. The introduction occurred on the day he returned after serving in the Pacific in WWII as an Artillery Lieutenant. While I was hospitalized, my husband was also in an Army hospital in Tokyo with a ruptured appendix.

One day, his sister threw herself on my hospital bed crying because her mother received a telegram that day that her big brother was in critical condition. She asked me if I could please pray for him. I prayed for about a week, and I asked if I could see a picture of the man I’d been praying for. So the next morning, she brought a picture of him in his Army garb, and I truly believe I fell in love with the picture. A week after that, I got out of the hospital and my now sister-in-law invited me to lunch at her home. It just so happened that this same day was the day my husband surprised his family by returning home from the war. He greeted me at the door and said, “Well. You must be Lois.” And I said, “And you must be Kelly.” Little did I know, his sister was writing him letters about me the whole time. And the rest is history. 65 years later.

What is the secret to a long lasting marriage?

Our secret to a long lasting marriage is this: always be true to one another.

What is your favorite memory together?

Our favorite memory together is our 6 beautiful children (5 boys, 1 girl) (especially the girl) and their children, our grandchildren. We live and breathe them everyday.

What do you love most about each other?

She loves his honesty, his intelligence, and his utmost love and caring for his family. What I love most about my wife is her caring nature, her beauty and her charm, as well as her big heart and generosity. It has been a delightful 65 years.

Lasting Love
Grandma Irma

Mar 27, 2014
Grandma Irma elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright006elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright002elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright004elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright012elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright003elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright005elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright010elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright007elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright011elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright009elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright001elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright013elderly-portrait-by-Rusty-wright014



When I was a child, those choose-your-own-adventure books were my favorite. Remember those?

Growing up, my grandma lived just up the road from my folks. I’m an only child — & so is my mom — so we were all quite close. When I was in grade school, Gram & I would spend Friday evenings watching TGIF on one of the local television channels. We’d order sausage pizza from Pizza Hut and make forts in her living room. She always cooked up some of the best breakfast, and she would have those choose-your-own-adventure books.

Thanksgiving & Christmas time was just about the best one-month stretch of the year, as both her & my mom enjoyed baking & being together. It was always just the four of us, my dad included; pretty low-key & always enjoyable. My fondest memories will always be of holiday time at home.

Several years ago when I was still in college & still living with my folks, Gram moved in with us. She was convinced that I needed a meal in front of me all twenty-four hours of the day, and she was likewise convinced that I always had laundry that needed to be folded. Nearly all of the time, she was correct. And then after college, I moved out of my folks’ house & Gram went to live in a couple different assisted-living homes.

At the beginning of last year, I made it a goal of mine to go spend some time with her each Wednesday morning. A few minutes past nine o’clock I’d always be able to find her waiting stoically for me just inside the front door. “I wanted to make myself visible, just in case you might miss me,” she’d say, as if there were a serious possibility that I’d turn around & leave if I didn’t see her the split-second I walked through the door. I made sure to always take my camera, as well as a pencil, to keep track of the funny things she’d do & say. She nearly always had some kind of mildly offensive comment about an innocent passer-by; or an off-the-cuff, matter-of-fact piece of advice about my weight or haircut. Which I appreciated most of the time.

We talked about the weather in Arkansas (where she grew up), we sat outside watching the flag fly, we listened to the neighbors make small talk, we chatted about the latest technology (her pondering what “they” were going to “come up with next”), we did word-searches & pieced together jigsaw puzzles, we ate Cheetos & peppermint patties, we counted down the days until Thanksgiving (her & my favorite holiday), and more often than not, we just sat together.

So, after a full year of Wednesday mornings with Gram, these words & photos were my best attempt at pulling together as much of the personality, emotion, teaching, love, & opinions that my grandma exuded throughout the year.

Gram eventually found her way to a nursing home in Wellsville, Kansas — a thirty minute drive down a rural road that seemed to have a personality of its own — where she played Wacky Ball & nickel Bingo, & was the in-house cat’s favorite resident. She turned ninety-two on October 2; and then, on December 1, she picked her own next adventure and went to be with Jesus.

It’s funny how much a person can teach you without using many words at all, from a wheelchair, with not much physical ability. Funny how driving through the country and sitting down for two hours with someone whose only concerns are the weather and whether or not her wristwatch is working correctly slows you down to just about the right speed. Funny how I’m still learning from her, remembering just now all the little things she did & said in given situations over the years. And funny how, without harping or preaching, she has somehow encouraged me to repeatedly choose my own adventure.

Choose your own adventure, friends. Find your path & blaze it. Make memories & tell stories.

Lasting Love
Judy & Tom • 42 Years

Mar 26, 2014
Judy & Tom • 42 Years leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california023leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california021leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california020leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california025leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california022leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california024leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california026leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california016leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california014leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california015leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california017leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california018leslie-anne-photofinish-lasting-love-session-escondido-california019


We absolutely loved reading Judy and Tom’s story. What an inspiring couple. 

We asked them:

How did you meet? Tell us your story!

We were at a sorority formal with different dates when Tom was “smitten” by my gold lame’ dress. :) He got my name, number, pursued me, and the rest is history.  Forty-two years later , we feel that the secret to our longevity is always striving to work together with a common goal in mind. Perhaps this all started when we naively planned our 55 day honeymoon through 7 countries in Europe without truly realizing how daunting this was going to be.This little jaunt formed a strong bond through our adventures and misadventures along the way – experiences and people we will never forget! 

What do you love most about each other?

Judy: As for me, I respect Tom’s advocacy for his mother (since she cannot do that), and I know that I always have his support and ready willingness to please (no matter what crazy thought I may throw at him!) 

Tom: For me, Judy has been a constant rock that I can lean on through thick and thin.  Her ideas and clear thought process as we work through life’s problems has truly been a blessing.  She is weeks, months, or years ahead of my planning for the future.

Favorites, Lasting Love
Sharon & Steve • 10 Years

Mar 20, 2014
Sharon & Steve • 10 Years livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood001livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood005livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood002livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood007livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood012livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood006livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood009livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood017livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood014livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood016livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood021livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood022


How did you two meet? Tell us your story!

We met through a single’s ski club.  When I called the club to get lodging for a ski race that was coming up, my future husband was the guy arranging rooms and rides to the mountains.  As we drove to the resort, we started talking and could not seem to stop.  We have continued to learn about each other and grow together over the last 12 year.  Our 10th anniversary is coming up soon.

What do you think the secret to a long lasting marriage?

I think a long relationship is most successful when both are not afraid to express their love in words and deeds.  When unhappy, keep communication lines open, especially if you have different styles of dealing with feelings.  Work together to ask for what your need and share your love.

What is your favorite memory together?

Our favorite memories together revolve around our time in Kauai.  We spent our honeymoon there and have gone back frequently to the same spot.  This is where we can focus on each other, play, hike, eat, sail and explore the island…putting the distractions of the work world aside. 

What do you love most about each other?

We both find that we greatly value the caring, loving nature of the other as well as our playfulness together.  We know that in tough times, we will be there for each other with a smile and a laugh to help ease the tension. 

Favorites, Lasting Love
Betty & Frank • 50 years

Mar 11, 2014
Betty & Frank • 50 years



We asked:

How did you two meet? Tell us your story.

Frank and I go a long ways back. Frank was born June 6,1942 and I, Feb. 26,1943. After Frank and I started dating we learned that when we were in baby carriages, our mothers used to talk and compare us when they passed on the street in Langley, BC.

We both were great fans of roller skating and would see each other at the rink but never talked until Dec. 28, 1958. Frank ended up taking me home from the skating rink and asked me to go out on New Years Eve; I have never looked back. We went to his school graduation together the following spring and have been together ever since. We were married in Cloverdale, BC on July 30, 1963.

What have you learned in your years of marriage?

As far as the secret to a long marriage, for me, it is to never go to bed mad. What I have learned about marriage is that it is not always a fifty/fifty split. Sometimes you have to give more than you get and be happy with it and then sometimes you may get more than you give. Our favourite memory together is a hard one as we have had so many good times, but probably the birth of our two sons would be right at the top of the list. Our first son was born in the back of a taxi on the way to the hospital at Garden Bay, BC, on the Sunshine Coast. Another favourite memory was moving to Anahim Lake, BC, where we have spent the last 38 years.

What do you love most about each other?

For me, Frank’s ability to speak so easily to people, his sense of humour and his honesty are always what I admire most. Frank says that we don’t have enough paper for him to write what he has to say about me, but to put it in a few words, he owes me his life because without my kidney donation to him, he wouldn’t have made it to our 50th anniversary. One of our greatest achievements has to be having raised two wonderful boys, who have now given us 5 great grand kids and that we have lived our lives so that we could retire happy and secure. Cheers, Frank and Betty