Lasting Love
Barbara & Bob • 16 years

Oct 22, 2013
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We originally heard from photographer Morgan Slade when she sent us over this lasting love session in August. She shared this couple’s story and we felt like we really wanted to share it with you guys. Here is what Morgan said to us. 

Barbara and Bob have been married for 16 years. They were both married in their 50s and had never had professional photos done for themselves. Barbara contacted me to do this session because Bob was about to undergo his third round of chemo therapy. She explained to me that after each round of chemo therapy Bob would lose his “gorgeous gray hair,” and his eyebrows. After each treatment his hair would regrow unevenly and sparingly. One thing she expressed that really touched me was that she wanted Bob to see how handsome he really is; so that was her main motivation for the photos

We also asked this couple:

How did you meet? 

We both worked for Southern Utah University. He used to come into my office and visit and I thought he was gorgeous, but he is very shy and I didn’t think he was interested in me. One day, a student told me that she thought he was handsome “for an old guy.” (:)) I told her I thought he was wonderful. She shared that with him and so he finally asked me out. And so our story began..

What’s the secret to a long lasting marriage?

We accept each other for who we are and don’t judge each other. Even though we are very different: I am very energetic, sometimes can be loud, social, somewhat of a workaholic. Bob is quiet, thoughtful, peaceful, and methodical. He has never told me to calm down, shut up, and stop and smell the roses. And I have never told him, I have a list of tasks for you today so get busy! Respecting each each other’s personalities and way of living has helped me to enjoy life more and him to become more task oriented and successful. We like the people we have become together.

What is your favorite memory together?

There are so many good memories. A special one is on our honeymoon in Mexico. It was the last day and we were almost out of money. Bob wanted to buy me an opal ring as a keepsake. We haggled with the clerk and thought we made a deal and he gave us the ring and we handed him what we thought we’d agreed upon. We jumped on the tour bus and the guy came out yelling in Spanish and stopped the bus. We’d short changed him! We laugh about how we could have spent our honeymoon in a Mexican jail. (The clerk let me keep the ring because we finally made him understand we didn’t have any more cash).

What do you love most about each other?

I love his laugh. My heart jumps when he laughs. I can tell him anything, even weird, random thoughts and know he will listen without judging… Even if we disagree. Bob says he loves what good mom I am and how supportive I have been to him during hard times.


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