Caitlyn & Stephen Engaged

Apr 14, 2014
Caitlyn & Stephen Engaged Reynolds_Hale_Nikki_Santerre_Photography_NikkiSanterrePhotographyGainesMillBattlefieldRichmondEngagementSessionCaitlynStephen1_lowNikki_Santerre_Photography1Reynolds_Hale_Nikki_Santerre_Photography_NikkiSanterrePhotographyGainesMillBattlefieldRichmondEngagementSessionCaitlynStephen8_lowNikki_Santerre_Photography2Reynolds_Hale_Nikki_Santerre_Photography_NikkiSanterrePhotographyGainesMillBattlefieldRichmondEngagementSessionCaitlynStephen14_lowReynolds_Hale_Nikki_Santerre_Photography_NikkiSanterrePhotographyGainesMillBattlefieldRichmondEngagementSessionCaitlynStephen21_lowNikki_Santerre_Photography3Reynolds_Hale_Nikki_Santerre_Photography_NikkiSanterrePhotographyGainesMillBattlefieldRichmondEngagementSessionCaitlynStephen31_lowNikki_Santerre_Photography4Reynolds_Hale_Nikki_Santerre_Photography_NikkiSanterrePhotographyGainesMillBattlefieldRichmondEngagementSessionCaitlynStephen22_lowReynolds_Hale_Nikki_Santerre_Photography_NikkiSanterrePhotographyGainesMillBattlefieldRichmondEngagementSessionCaitlynStephen35_low


How did you two meet? tell us your story.

From his perspective:

I was hanging out with my friend Nate having a guy’s night. Nate and I were not really looking for women but we weren’t “not looking”. Nate and I had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and decided to go hang out and watch football at Halligans Bar & Grill. Nate and I met our friend Josh and we all sat at the bar, that circles the full size fire engine in the middle of the resturant. We all noticed a group of ladies on top of the fire engine, (tables took the place of the hose bed). I remember first seeing miss Molly staring down at us looking at what we had to offer. Then I saw the girl who would change my life forever. Caitlyn stood there staring down at me, for what seemed quite some time, before waving me to come join the girls atop the fire engine. Trying to play it cool, of course I grabbed Nate and RAN up to meet her!! Once on top of the truck I first saw her entire look, short cropped blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a take-your-breath away smile, a green shirt with blue jeans and tall black heels that made her small, slim frame captivating. We started talking and found that we had almost everything in common! I eventually asked her to dance in which she accepted. We danced for hours until we decided it was time to rest. 

Caitlyn and Molly invited Nate and myself back to their apartment to talk and relax. Caitlyn and I talked for hours and found out alot about eachother and I didn’t want to stop talking to her. Before I knew it was 4:30am and I had to be at work for a 24 hour shift by 7am! We exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes. On the way home I still remember to this day telling Nate that I was obsessed with her and could see a relationship coming. Deep down in my heart I knew she was the one for me and I thank God everyday for that night and placing Caitlyn in my life!!

From her perspective:

It was the last girls night out before our (Jamie, Molly and Chris) big trip to Cozumel, and of course we were ready to start the vacation week off early! Jamie and Molly  were by my side as the “triple threat” took on the Halligan Bar & Grill. Being that we were regulars there, we were offered to sit on top of the fire truck, so, of course we took it! As the music and dancing began, I happened to look over the side of the fire truck and caught the eye of a VERY handsome man. Of course I had to inform Molly and Jamie of the “hottest guy I have every laid eyes on,” and that’s when the “creeping” (per Stephen) began. What I thought were just a few flirty glances, turned into a full on stare (because I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, of course!) I eventually grew the courage to wave him on up to the top of the fire truck (since he wasn’t making the move), but, luckily he had the same idea and RAN up to greet me! 

Then, there he was…… carpenter jeans, BRIGHT white New Balance sneakers, and a black thermal shirt (hahah the carpenter jeans and sneakers still crack me up to this day)! If his awesome style didn’t get me at first sight, it was definitely his dance moves that made me want to really get to know this guy!  The night went on and the next thing I know the time had passed and it was 4:00 in the morning! I knew then I didn’t want to ever have to say goodbye to him again! As I was leaving to go to Cozumel a few days later, I knew that when I got back, I was going to try my hardest to make him mine! And the rest is history.

I can’t even begin to describe or explain the amount of love I have for Stephen! He has brought so much love, happiness, encouragment, support, and friendship to my life! I can’t believe how blessed I am to have him placed in my life, and that on September 6, 2014, I get to become his wife! 

Describe the proposal.

We were in the Outer Banks, North Carolina for the week to celebrate the marriage of two close friends from Stephen’s fire department, Brandon and Laura Edwards . A few of the Stafford County Fire Department families split a house to rent for the week for a mini vacation prior to the Edwards’ wedding! On September 25, 2013, our lives changed forever! Stephen attempted multiple times to get Caitlyn to go out shopping with the girls, and of course she couldn’t go along with the plan, and decided she rather go to the beach with the guys (not allowing Stephen times to set up). Caitlyn and Amanda Kling joined the guys out on the beach, and cheered them on as they attempted to take on the waves as surfers. As we were waiting on the rest of the gang to come meet us down on the beach, Stephen asked Caitlyn if she would like to take a walk on the beach. Being that Stephen told Caitlyn he “would never propose on the week of Edwards’ wedding,” Caitlyn thought nothing of the walk! We began to collect sea shells for a Pinterest project Caitlyn wanted to complete when they got back to Richmond while they began to walk. Caitlyn asked Stephen if he could please hold all the sea shells because her hands were full, and of course he had his t-shirt all bundled up under his arm! Caitlyn asked why they couldn’t put the shells in his t-shirt, and he explained how he “wanted to keep it clean, and to NOT touch the shirt!” Of course, Caitlyn’s reaction was “your weird!” So instead, he said he would help hold some in his other hand for the time being. As they turned around to head back to camp, Stephen dropped down to his knee…… because he dropped the sea shells. Of course, Caitlyn’s stomach dropped, but then has stood back up; she realized she shouldn’t be expecting anything because he “would never propose on the week of Edwards’ wedding!” So we continued to walk, and as we got closer to our camp site on the beach, Stephen dropped down on his knee again! Caitlyn turned around to ask what his deal was with dropping all the sea shells, but instead she was surprised that he was actually still down on one knee! That is when he pulled out the box with a gorgeous ring in it and asked her to be his wife! Of course she said…. “are you serious? are you serious? are you serious? for real?! and then YESS!!!” Everyone on the beach celebrated and cheered, and captured the moment perfectly! 

What do you love most about each other?

I dont think I could choose just one thing that I love the most about Stephen. He still to this day takes my breath away just when I catch his eye and look at him! His smile is to die for and I love the way he makes me laugh! But, if I had to choose, I would say I love the way he is so selfless in everything he does. He dedicates his life to serving and protecting others, and even after all the hardships and difficult situations he has encountered in his career as a firefighter, he still remains humble and full of faith and love! He is the most caring person I have ever met in my entire life, not only with me, but he cares and gives so much to his friends and family! I would say… I am the luckiest girl alive.

I don’t think I could settle for one thing I love about Caitlyn. What I love most is Caitlyn’s smile and laugh. I would do anything to keep a smile on her face and make her laugh. She is the most giving and caring person I have ever met. Caitlyn will go out of her way for anyone at anytime. She will do anything for any one of her family, friends or strangers she just met at work or in her personal life. Caitlyn is an amazing nurse and goes above and beyond to serve Patient’s needs. Caitlyn is always up for anything new and I love having her by my side in whatever we do. I can’t imagine my life without her. Caitlyn always puts my needs above hers, and is always eager to do what needs to be done. She is smart, kind, outgoing, knowledgeable and gorgeous inside and out! She is truly my better half that fairy tales talk about, and I believe she is truly my princess! I’m the luckiest guy in the world and am so blessed to have her in my life and look forward to an amazing future with her!


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